“Thank you very much for the invaluable help you have given me. Each session was highly instructive and delivered in a clear, educational and pleasant manner. You have allowed me to acquire techniques and tools that have been instrumental in helping me regain a better quality of sleep for the present and future.”


Tracey showed me her research on sleep, from the Neolithic Era to the present day, and explained to me that there are different types of sleep patterns and habits. I found this extremely interesting and useful. She then explained the relationships between sleep and health and she devised a plan for me, to help me adjust my sleep patterns, in order to address my insomnia. The plan was realistic and gradual and helped me enormously. Tracey is a very helpful and cheerful person, this gave me optimism and supported the treatment even more.


“Thank you so much for helping me sleep successfully after more than 50 years of endless trouble! You are the best!”


“Before I started the sleep therapy with Tracey I had been taking sleeping pills for nearly a decade. I was convinced that they were essential for me to get a full nights sleep. However the sleep coaching with Tracey taught me to re-evaluate this and gave me the courage to stop taking them. With further coaching she significantly reduce my sleep related anxiety and put me back on track completely”


“For months I was waking up after 4 hours sleep, not being able to fall asleep again. Tracey was very clear in her presentation of the Sleeping Course material, and went through all the theory of sleeping and the factors influencing a good night’s rest. For me one of the main solutions were the reduction of caffeine combined with sufficient body movement, especially during the COVID restrictions. I now sleep a good 8 hours thanks to Tracey!”


I had spent more than 15 years with mediocre care for my sleep apnea which essentially left me un(der)treated with rotten equipment. Tracey was like an angel sent from heaven for me. She was the first and only person so far who provided me with advise for my CPAP getting my AHI < 0.5/h and leakage down to 4 L/min. I thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart, for everything you have given me. I appreciate you very much as a person. Your cheerful way is very healing, a balm for the soul.


“Thank you Tracey for a great sleep program! It has really helped me gain an extra 2 hours of precious sleep each night as well as taking away that anxiety I felt climbing my stairs to my bedroom. I am so pleased!”


“I was really upset when Tracey stopped working at my local medical centre as she helped both my husband and me get our sleep apnea under control. We were always struggling with it and she helped us get our CPAP machines working much better. It’s great to see someone genuinely enthusiastic about her work”


“After only a few weeks, the quality of my sleep increased rapidly. Tracey was super nice and explained everything in a very clear manner. Now I know what to do and what to avoid in order to wake up fresh and full of energy. In case you also have problems with your sleep, contact Tracey.”


“In early 2022, I suffered from moderate apnea and chronic insomnia. The on-line insomnia training conducted by Tracey was very intense and although at the beginning I was a bit sceptical, I have to admit that it helped very much to ensure a minimum rest overnight. Tracey guided me through all the steps and advised me to mitigate this disorder with healthy and effective techniques. She also gave very valuable recommendation on the most convenient CPAP characteristic for my particular case.”


“Tracey has really helped me with my sleep! Most nights I was waking for hours and struggling to get back to sleep. Tracey really explained why this was happening and her approach made total sense to me. Now I’m sleeping through the night and my energy levels in the day are doubled! I recommend anyone who is having troubles to reach out to Tracey”


“I have never been a good sleeper. I struggled a lot on my teen years and it only became worse once I had children. Tracey helped me understand what caused everything and the sleep therapy helped me make the changes necessary to become a great sleeper.”