Sleep Coaching Packages

Insomnia Intake Session

A 2 hour online video consultation.

$360 AUD

$270 AUD

A clinical consultation is normally all that is needed to determine whether a patient has insomnia or not. Your sleep specialist will determine if there is further testing that may be required, but this is often if they expect another medical condition could be at play. Chronic (long term) insomnia is characterised by difficulty getting to sleep, staying asleep or having non-restorative sleep despite having adequate opportunity for sleep, together with associated impairment of daytime functioning, with symptoms being present for at least 3 months.

CBT-Insomnia Package (8+ hours)

The full details of what CBT-Insomnia involves can be found on the CBT-I menu option. The CBT-Insomnia package includes:

$1,320 AUD

$990 AUD

Initial Intake Session where we gain a full history of your sleep problem, educate you on normal sleep and insomnia as well as start your treatment plan. This takes up to 2 hours A further 6 x 1 hour weekly sessions to introduce you to the various treatment steps and monitor your treatment progress. 1 month post treatment follow up session up to 1 hour. 3 months of ongoing support if needed

Refresher Appointment

If you have completed the CBT-I package and the 3 months of additional support is over, but you feel your sleep has started to decline again; then we can have a refresher session where we go through what may have caused the decline and make a plan to improve your sleep again.

$170 AUD

$125 AUD

Only possible when you have taken the CBT-I package!

The Process

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