Hello, I’m Tracey

Personal Sleep Coach

Individual Sleep Therapy Online!

Your Personal Sleep Coach

Of course you may be a little curious as to who I am and why I think I can help you with your sleep!

My name is Tracey and I am an Australian sleep coach offering scientifically backed, one-on-one online therapy for those suffering chronic insomnia. 

My Approach to Treatment


Promoting Patient Education!

My approach to my practice is patient empowerment through education! I feel like when a patient understands WHY they should do something and HOW it works, they are more likely to benefit from the training. My patients will always understand why they are doing a certain treatment method.

An Open and Safe Environment!

With me, you can ask as many questions as you like and I will do my absolute best to take the time and explain everything I can to make you feel relaxed and in control.

Staying Up to Date!

I have a firm belief that a clinician should constantly keep their educational ongoing. That is why I am member of the Australian Sleep Association and various Behavioural Sleep Medicine Groups. That way I can stay up to date with latest developments and pass the benefits to my patients.


I like to be open and honest with my patients and at the same time promote an environment where they are comfortable to talk freely. I will listen to your story with an open mind and offer any help in my power to give.

Why Choose Me?

I am flexible with timings!

I offer my services to anyone in the world, therefore I am open to performing consultations at various times of the day. If you cannot book a time that suits you on my website, then simply ask and we can see if we can arrange to meet at a more suitable time for you

I will save you time!

Since I conduct my sessions online, then you will save time and money that you would normally spend travelling to your sleep medicine professional.

My Treatment Methods are backed by Science!

The Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) that I conduct is considered the best known treatment for those with chronic insomnia. CBT-I performs better than sleeping medications in long term patient recovery

I love what I do!

Anyone who knows me who casually asks me what I do will be subjected to a long informative session on the wonders of sleep and how important it is. I just love talking about sleep! More-so, I get such satisfaction in helping patients regain control over their sleep. 

Stay at Home!

Since COVID, tele-health has become a normalised part of modern medicine. It has also opened healthcare up to those in rural and isolated areas. Now, you can benefit from specialised care in the comfort of your home

Treatment is Medication Free!

Sleeping pills has a place in treating short term sleeping problems, but in most cases does not effectively treat chronic sleep sufferers. I do not provide medications in my treatments and can give you some advise if you are currently using them.

Do You Want to Know More About My Background?

I haven’t always worked in the sleep medicine field and I’ve worn a lot of hats over my medical career. I started my career off as a medic for the Australian Army and worked in that capacity for about eight years. I worked abroad on deployments and on home soil in a wide variety of clinical settings.

After my Army career I became a fly in, fly out (FIFO) paramedic for a few years and enjoyed the challenges to working in remote and challenging settings.

I then moved to The Hague in The Netherlands and this is where I discovered a love of sleep medicine. I was working in an international clinic where I stumbled into the field and have never looked back.

I went to London and worked in a couple of sleep clinics and then went on to do further Sleep Medicine courses, as well as a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) course in Edinburgh in 2017. I went back to Edinburgh in 2018 for an Advanced CBT-I course and started practicing as a CBT-I therapist in the International Health Centre in The Hague from there on in. I’ve also completed courses through the Australian Psychological Society in Sleep theory and Insomnia.

So far I have helped over 100 patients get their sleep back on track.

What else can I help you with?

Sleep Apnea, breathing and snoring issues

When I worked in The Hague, I was also working in conjunction with the specialists there to treat people with sleep breathing disorders. I have a lot of experience helping people with CPAP machines as well as a lot of insight into alternative treatments if you find that CPAP is not for you.

Exercise and weight loss

When I was in the Army I also worked as a fitness instructor. I have experience designing training schedules not only for weight loss but for those really looking to increase fitness or to achieve their optimal beach body!

Occupational Medicine

I have experience in occupational health not only from working FIFO in Australia but working as an Occupational Health Nurse for the European Space Agency. I can help you input a healthier work/life balance which is immensely important for stress levels and morale. I also have experience in ergonomics which is another, often overlooked, important factor for your health and wellbeing.

Nutrition and good eating practices

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that what we put in our mouth matters. When it comes to your sleep, correct nutrition and healthy eating practices are also important to ensure your current eating habits aren’t contributing to your sleep problem!

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